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What are we building?

We are creating a national directory for trucking companies.  The idea behind Carriage Solutions is to facilitate a direct relationship between trucking companies and shippers.  Shippers are able to find trucking companies by conducting a location-based search.  The search results of trucking companies’ terminals populate solely on proximity.  A unique feature of Carriage Solutions is the fact that your potential customers can search for you based on the type of equipment that you have.  This will make it easier for shippers to find the right carrier to haul their goods and more efficient for trucking companies to reach relevant customers.

In addition, Carriage Solutions is a tool for drivers to find employers.  Many drivers have a specific type of work that they prefer.  We can help by giving drivers the opportunity to search for a trucking company that is close to home and offers the type of equipment that they like to operate.

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Starting at: $100/yr

The Premium package includes your company name, contact information, company logo, website address/link, a full list of company's abilities (truck/trailer types and specialized freight types), and the type of benefits that are offered to drivers.

1 Location $100/yr
2-5 Locations $100/yr
6-10 Locations $100/yr
11-15 Locations $100/yr
16-20 Locations $100/yr
21-25 Locations $100/yr
26-30 Locations $100/yr
31-40 Locations $100/yr
41-100 Locations $100/yr